Foley’s Forest Products is recognized throughout the US for its high quality birch and cherry firewood products.

We personally deliver high quality birch and cherry firewood to residents and businesses within a large radius of our facility in Tomahawk, Wisconsin. For further delivery areas, we have trucking contracts with commercial carriers that can pick up at our site and deliver to you.

Our customers’ favorite two species of wood to burn include birch and cherry.

Birch burns excellent, lights easy, and looks incredible in your fireplace and wood rack year round! Our kiln dried cherry firewood has many of the benefits of birch, plus it burns with a pleasant aroma. Both species give your home and hearth that “Northwood’s” look and when it’s time for a fire, you and your family will appreciate the warm aromatic fire.

Our selection is fantastic.

We offer for pick-up and delivery of face cords, half cords, full cords, bundles, and we welcome custom orders to suit your needs. For national shipments, all of our products ship on pallets and use common carriers. For wholesale orders, please call or e-mail us and we can put together a custom quote.

Foley’s birch bundles are second to none, each is prepared in a way that maximizes the amount of bark on the log. Our birch bundles are kiln dried exceeding WDATCP heat treatment standards and neatly packaged for our wholesale customers.

Here are a few of our order options for premium birch and cherry firewood. Please call or e-mail us for a custom quotation on wholesale firewood or packaged firewood.

Size 1: By The .75 Cu Ft Bundle


Size 2: By The Box

bulk bagged

Size 3: By The Cord


Birch Firewood Benefits

  • Lights easy

  • Burns hot

  • Decorative in appearance year round

Cherry Firewood Benefits

  • Aromatic when burned
  • Excellent cooking wood
Birch Firewood Benefits

Our kiln dried firewood exceeds all Wisconsin WDATCP USDA regulations ensuring it is bug and pest free.

We are WDATCP certified and you can take our wood into state parks and ship outside of the local area. Our wood burns hotter and longer, creates more heat, and you’ll use less of it. You’ll save money by burning our kiln dried firewood and have a more enjoyable wood burning experience. See for yourself and buy the best firewood from Foley’s Forest Products.

Make Your Firewood Experiences Incredible With Our Affordable Premium Kiln-Dried Products!

Contact us today to learn about our delivery options or to place an order!