Our staff is dedicated to providing you a quality firewood product at a sensible cost.

We strive to make your inventory tracking, ordering, and shipping to be as simple as possible for our customers. To ensure streamlined service to you, our customer, we have added barcodes, USDA compliance certification labels, and our contact information to the packages.

Packaged firewood products are available for shipment in all 50 states.

Our premium kiln dried mixed hardwood and birch products exceed strict standards set forth by the USDA and the WDATCP ensuring a heat treated product that contains no bugs, or pests. Our firewood is not only certified to high standards set forth by the USDA and APHIS, it is also dried down to a very low moisture content. This process of kiln drying ensures a clean burning, wonderful fire for your fireplace or cooking application.

If you are a distributor, wholesaler, convenience store, grocery store, campground, or commercial account looking for a reliable cost effective provider of premium firewood, please get in touch with us today for a custom quotation based on your needs.

Our products are certified for distribution, sale, and burning in all state parks. We also offer bulk bags, and other firewood packaging options. Please contact for additional information for state park accounts.

For national shipping, we have rate contracts with major carriers that can get product from A to B as cost effectively as possible. If you have your own freight accounts, we can gladly accommodate those as well.

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Here are a few of our order options for packaged firewood. Please call or e-mail us for a custom quotation on wholesale firewood.

Bundled Firewood

Bundled Firewood
bulk bagged

Birch Decorative Logs

Birch Decorative Logs

Chiminea Wood

Chiminea Wood

Foley’s Products Are:

  • Kiln Dried
  • WDTACP Certified
  • Clean & Pest Free
  • Conveniently Packaged On Pallets
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bulk bagged

Our kiln dried firewood exceeds all Wisconsin WDATCP USDA regulations ensuring it is bug and pest free.

We are WDATCP certified and you can take our wood into state parks and ship outside of the local area. Our wood burns hotter and longer, creates more heat, and you’ll use less of it. You’ll save money by burning our kiln dried firewood and have a more enjoyable wood burning experience. See for yourself and buy the best firewood from Foley’s Forest Products.

Make Your Firewood Experiences Incredible With Our Affordable Premium Kiln-Dried Products!

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