Our kiln dried chiminea wood is select cut in 5 to 10 inch lengths and are the perfect size for use in a fire pit, outdoor grill, and chimineas.

We offer a wide variety of chiminea woods including pine, oak, maple, hickory, and birch. This premium chiminea wood lights easy and burns hot for that wonderful outdoor fire.


Also available for commercial accounts

For commercial accounts, packages come in .75 cu ft net bags and can be shipped throughout the US. For retail customers our products ship via Fed Ex ground.


Certified and easy to ship

Foley’s chiminea Wood is WDATCP certified, kiln dried, and made from a renewable resource. For residential orders we ship by Fed Ex and can deliver a wonderful chiminea experience right to your doorstep.

Here are our order options for chiminea wood. Please call or e-mail us for a custom quotation on wholesale firewood or packaged firewood.

Tips on Using Chiminea Wood

  • We recommend when you first use your chiminea that you add a couple of inches of sand or gravel into the bottom of it. This will raise the fire off the floor of the chiminea and reduce smoke from coming out the fire opening. The couple inches of material will also raise the logs up a little and make the fire burn hotter.
  • Use only kiln dried firewood in a chiminea as it will burn the longest and hottest. When lighting a chiminea, always use a little bit of newspaper and never use any liquid starting fluids.
  • Starting fluids can damage your chiminea. Once the chiminea is lit, it will take 10-20 minutes for the kiln dried logs to turn into glowing embers. At the stage when the chiminea chunks are glowing is when it will generate the most heat for you and your guests

We Deliver Throughout
Northcentral Wisconsin and Beyond!


We Deliver Throughout
Northcentral Wisconsin and Beyond!

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We likely can accommodate your firewood needs by joining the delivery with one of our commercial and wholesale deliveries.

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