Your Premier Source of Kiln Dried Firewood
Delivered to Central & Northern Wisconsin

Kiln Dried Wood

Dry, clean, pest free, and ready to burn right now.

We are a full time firewood provider and sell wood year round!  Our kiln dried products are under 20% moisture content and are guaranteed to burn. Foley’s offers convenient pick-up in our yard or delivery service up to 9 full cords!

Semi-Seasoned Wood

Save money by seasoning your own firewood.

We offer convenient pick-up service of firewood delivery up to 3 full cords!  Inquire about our Woodhaven seasoning racks.

Gourmet & Cooking Wood

Oak, Cherry, Hickory, Maple, you name it we have it!

Kiln dried and split small perfect for the wood fired oven!  We offer convenient bags stacked on pallets for delivery anywhere in the lower 48.  Other offerings include BBQ Chunks, Chips, and natural grilling planks.

Wholesale & Commercial Firewood

Foley’s is certified by the WDTACP to provide pest free certified firewood.

Packaged firewood is our specialty, call us to discuss your unique needs.  Our most popular package is our .75 cubic foot bundle!

  • We have always cut, split, and seasoned our own firewood. My wife and I were glad to see Foley’s selling firewood to save us the hassle!  We purchased 2.5 face cords of their premium kiln dried firewood and we have never been more impressed.  Our fires start easier, burn hotter, and we noticeably used about half the wood compared to our seasoned wood.  We’ll be ordering more kiln dried for next winter!

    Paul K, Tomahawk, Wisconsin
  • We were impressed that you were able to deliver so quickly, we were nearly out of firewood and we’re glad you can deliver all the way to Stevens Point.  Tammy in the office took our call right away and set up delivery the same day!

    Laurie & Rich A, Stevens Point, WI
  • Thank you for putting the firewood right where we wanted it, I know it can be difficult to get a truck up to our wood shed.  We were so happy that all of the wood was nearly exactly the same length for our stove, and oh wow did it burn great!  Your kiln dried wood is the best burning experience we ever had!

    Sherry C, Minocqua, Wisconsin
  • Foley’s kiln dried bundles are a hot item at our campground and resort, our customers have never been happier.  Since we started buying wood bundles from Foley’s, we have noticed an increase in firewood sales and also compliments on how well the wood burns.  Nothing wrecks a vacation worse than burning green junk wood over your campfire.  Count us in for another semi load for this year!

    Matthew S, Deer Lake Cottages
  • Your delivery person Chris was very professional and gave me some great tips about burning wood.  Chris showed me the brochures about the firewood racks and we bought one off the delivery truck.  We did exactly what he said to do and put the wood in the rack with the cover on it and our green wood purchase turned into nice seasoned wood.  This year we’ll need more wood and another one of those nice racks you sell.

    Jeff K, St. Germain, Wisconsin
  • Your office was closed on Saturday night and we really wanted to have a campfire with our grandkids.  It was so convenient for us to run over to your self-service rack and grab a few bundles of kiln dried wood for our campfire.  Your big green kiln really dries the wood nice!  Thanks again

    Mike C, Tomahawk, WI

Benefits of Kiln Dried Firewood

Guaranteed to Burn

Because of low moisture content, our kiln dried firewood makes your fire burn easily!

Clean & Pest Free

You'll love how clean and bug free
this wood is due to the kiln drying process.

Higher BTU Value

The kiln process transfers energy to the wood, so you get more heat out of your fire.

Always 100% Hardwood

We only kiln-dry hardwood, so you'll get the superior benefits of slower burning firewood.

Enjoy the benefits of our premium hardwoods for your firewood needs!

We offer delivery, self-serve, and
even wholesale/commercial options.