For our wholesale accounts with substantial pick-up business, try our kiln dried bulk bags of firewood.

Each bag of wood contains .75 face cord (32 cu ft) of firewood equal to about 40 bundles of firewood. These handy bags can easily be unloaded off of our tractor trailer with a forklift or skid loader. These bags contain certified firewood and can be shipped to state parks, landscape and garden centers, or anywhere loose firewood is sold.

Our customers enjoy the convenience of these bags as you can easily set them in the bed of a pick-up truck or trailer with ease. We offer the bulk bags in mixed hardwood, all oak, all maple, all birch and all cherry. These bulk bags reduce handling, delivery fees, and increase sales!

Great for drive up business

Create a great drive up business using Foley’s Forest Products bulk bags! We can ship just one or a full truck load! Please call if you are a residential home owner and would be interested in a full bag, we do offer delivery service with our lift gate and grapple trucks.

Each of Foley’s bulk bags comes with a drawstring to cinch the bag closed and a bottom loop to easily empty the bag.

Pick up or shipped on a pallet

We offer bulk bags for pick-up at our Tomahawk, Wisconsin facility or we can ship them to you on a pallet. If you’re headed up north for the weekend, call us and make an appointment. We can set one in your truck or trailer for you!

Here are our order options for bulk bagged firewood. Please call or e-mail us for a custom quotation on wholesale firewood or packaged firewood.

.75 Face Cord (equal to 40 bundles of firewood)

bulk bagged

Benefits of Bulk Bagged Firewood

  • Ventilated for airflow
  • Convenience
  • Reusable bag
  • Minimizes handling
bulk bagged

We Deliver Throughout
Northcentral Wisconsin and Beyond!

At Foley’s Forest Products, we are ready to serve you! Our professional staff, timely deliveries, and dry firewood are sure to please. If you are outside of our scheduled delivery area, please contact us to see how we can best serve you. We likely can accommodate your firewood needs by joining the delivery with one of our commercial and wholesale deliveries. Contact us today and one of our trained staff would be happy to assist you.

Make Your Firewood Experiences Incredible With Our Affordable Premium Kiln-Dried Products!

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