Our kiln dried firewood has many advantages over all other types of firewood.

Using the kiln drying method we create the ideal firewood that is pest free, clean, dry, easy to light, and ready to burn. Some of the energy used to kiln dry the firewood is transferred into the wood, creating a product with substantially more BTU’s and standard firewood. In some species of woods, the increase in BTU’s is close to 35% meaning you will use considerably less wood and have more heat.

Our firewood is continuously monitored in the kiln ensuring it is reaching moisture levels below 20% meaning it will light easy, burn great, and create a wonderful fire. The kiln drying process also ensures there are no bugs or mold in the wood.

Our wood is certified

We are WDACP certified and you can take our wood into state parks and ship outside of the local area.  Our wood burns hotter and longer, creates more heat, and you’ll use less of it.  You’ll save money by burning our kiln dried firewood and have a more enjoyable wood burning experience.  See for yourself and buy the best firewood from Foley’s Forest Products.

Take it anywhere!

Buy our wood and take it anywhere you like! We are a certified firewood vendor and our wood is accepted in state parks!

Here are a few of our order options for kiln dried firewood. Please call or e-mail us for a custom quotation on wholesale firewood or packaged firewood.

Size 1: Face Cord

  • Size: 4’x8’x16”
  • Perfect for the occasional wood burner
  • Equal to about 55 bundles
  • Delivery or Pick Up
  • Rack, Bulk Bag, or Loose Wood Available

Size 2: Full Cord (3 Face Cord)

  • Perfect for the frequent wood burner
  • Equal to about 165 bundles
  • Delivery or Pick Up
  • Racks, Bulk Bags, or Loose Wood Available

Size 3: Truckloads

  • We have several trucks to serve you!
  • We can deliver a face cord, or up to 12 face cord!
  • Talk to your neighbor about wood share and split the delivery cost.

Benefits of Kiln Dried Firewood

  • More Energy – You will enjoy up to 30% more BTU’s with our kiln dried firewood. It is more expensive however it lasts up to 3x longer and the end result you will get more energy per dollar spent using kiln dried firewood.
  • Cleaner – No bugs, no pests, no mess.
  • Less Creosote – Reduce chimney problems and maintenance.
  • Lights Easy – Dried to under 20% moisture content for easy fire starting and long burn times.
  • Guaranteed to Burn – Our firewood has between 12% and 20% moisture content and we guarantee it to burn!
  • Burns great in new high efficiency stoves!
Foley's forest products

We Deliver Throughout
Northcentral Wisconsin and Beyond!

At Foley’s Forest Products, we are ready to serve you!  Our professional staff, timely deliveries, and dry firewood are sure to please.  If you are outside of our scheduled delivery area, please contact us to see how we can best serve you.  We likely can accommodate your firewood needs by joining the delivery with one of our commercial and wholesale deliveries.  Contact us today and one of our trained staff would be happy to assist you.

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