Our gourmet woods are sure to please. If your restaurant provides wood fired pizza, or the best BBQ ribs in town, Foleys has the wood that will add that special wood grilling flavor to your gourmet dish.

We make shipping easy

Whether you need one pallet, or a whole tractor trailer load, our friendly staff at Foley’s will personally deliver your order or arrange fast secure shipping on a common carrier. All of our cooking and gourmet woods are prepared in a kiln that ensures these specialty woods are clean, dry, and ready for the grill.

Customers love our popular cooking woods

A few of our more popular cooking woods include: cherry, maple, oak, ash, and apple. Contact us today to discuss your unique needs and we can custom make exactly what you need.

Our restaurant grade hardwood cooking woods are split small and purpose manufactured for cooking purposes.

Shipped nationwide

We take great pride in our cooking woods and we ship exactly the products you order. Each is correctly labeled for your needs and shipped in a timely manner. We ship nationwide and can provide you with the correct order for your home grill or chain of restaurants. Our staffed delivery vehicles cover regular routes throughout Wisconsin.

Foley’s premier cooking woods can be purchased in a variety of ways including the .75 cubic or 2.0 cubic foot bags, 25 pound box, or in loose form of face cord or full cords.

  • 100% Mixed Hardwood
  • 100% Cherry Wood
  • 100% Oak Wood
  • 100% Hickory Wood
  • 100% Maple Wood
  • Custom mix to meet your needs

Benefits of Wood Fired Cooking:

  • Flavor Enhancement
  • Minimal need for seasonings
  • Healthy requiring less fat and additives
  • Flexibility and temperature control
Cooking wood

Our kiln dried firewood exceeds all Wisconsin WDATCP USDA regulations ensuring it is bug and pest free.

We are WDATCP certified and you can take our wood into state parks and ship outside of the local area. Our wood burns hotter and longer, creates more heat, and you’ll use less of it. You’ll save money by burning our kiln dried firewood and have a more enjoyable wood burning experience. See for yourself and buy the best firewood from Foley’s Forest Products.

Make Your Firewood Experiences Incredible With Our Affordable Premium Kiln-Dried Products!

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