Exceptional Firewood Products for Wholesale & Commercial

Foley’s Forest Products offers the highest quality commercial & wholesale packaged firewood products.  Our packages are clean, dry, pest free, professionally packaged, and ready for retail sale.  We specialize in 100% birch, 100% cherry, and mixed hardwood bundles conveniently stacked and professionally packaged for retail sale.

Every Package is Certified

We are certified by the WDATCP & the USDA providing a heat treated product that is compliant with national firewood products transport regulations. We know the importance of providing a product that will light easy, burn hot, and provide a premium burning experience. All of our commercial and wholesale firewood products exceed the USDA heat treat requirement of a core temperature of 140 degrees Fahrenheit for 60 minutes.

Our Standard Bundle

Standard BundleOur standard bundle is .75 cubic feet including 16” long firewood in a convenient mesh bag with drawstring. We also offer custom packaging in labeled recycled cardboard boxes, or in shrink wrap cubes.

Benefits of Foley’s .75 Cubic Foot Bundles

  • State Park Approved
  • Convenient Drawstring Carry Handle
  • Premium Mesh Packaging
  • Custom Screen Printed Label
  • Professionally Stacked & Wrapped on Pallets
  • Dry and Ready to Burn
  • Affordable, Competitive Pricing

Premium Restaurant Grade Firewood

Foley’s also offers premium restaurant grade firewood, perfect for your pizza oven, outdoor grill, or use in your restaurant. No order is too small or too large. For commercial accounts, we offer convenient delivery in Wisconsin with our delivery trucks and offer shipping throughout the lower 48 with our contractors

Foley’s Restaurant Grade Firewood is split evenly and split small for regulating temperature. We also offer 100% single species orders for our Cherry, Apple, Oak, Maple, and Ash wood.

Available Premium Kiln Dried Wholesale Products

  • Firewood Bundles
  • Chiminea Wood
  • Gourmet Restaurant Wood
  • BBQ Chunks & Chips
  • Natural Cooking Planks
  • Natural Kiln Dried Kindling

Advantages of Foley’s Forest Products

  • We are a full time firewood supplier
  • Carry inventory in our warehouse
  • Dedicated administration staff to serve you
  • Premium Quality, Kiln Dried
  • Custom orders available
  • Delivery in 48 states
bulk bagged

Our kiln dried firewood exceeds all Wisconsin WDATCP USDA regulations ensuring it is bug and pest free.

We are WDATCP certified. This means your customers can take our wood into state parks for use there. You can also ship it outside of the local area. You customers will love how well it burns for any application they might require–campfires, cooking, grilling, or just staying cozy by their fireplace.

Make Your Firewood Experiences Incredible With Our Affordable Premium Kiln-Dried Products!

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