Wood Racks

Foley’s Forest Products is an authorized distributor of the Woodhaven Firewood Racks.

These racks are top quality and are built for more than just a nice picture. The firewood racks look beautiful and most come with a standard cover to help you season your wood from spring until the time you burn it. We want our firewood products to look great on your property and these racks help accent the wonderful display of quality firewood.

Great for airflow and seasoning

The Woodhaven firewood racks promote airflow and seasoning of the firewood. For our kiln dried customers, we also offer full wood covers to keep the wood below 20% moisture content when it is outside of your home.

High quality made in the USA

All Woodhaven racks are proudly made in the USA and include all stainless hardware and powder coated steel. These racks come with a full lifetime warranty and are guaranteed to stand up to the severe weather for many years to come. We also carry Woodhaven Artisan collection racks that add a level of elegance to the interior of your home décor.

We carry them on our delivery trucks

We carry some of our more popular firewood racks with us on our delivery trucks. Feel free to ask our drivers about taking a look at these high quality useful products.

What We Carry

Classic Woodhaven Racks are available in sizes from 4’ to 16’ in length and come with a standard cover. Our most popular models are the 8’ face cord rack and the 16’ two face cord rack.

Add an element of elegance to your outdoor patio or even in your cabin with the Woodhaven Artisan collection. We offer several unique models for inside your home or on your outdoor patio. Our favorite is the medium crescent shown on this page.

Small Crescent Rack

Small Crescent Rack

Medium Crescent Rack

Medium Crescent Rack

Large Crescent Rack

Large Crescent Rack

Courtyard Rack

Side Storage Rack

8 Foot Rack

8 Foot Rack

Tips for Using Woodhaven Firewood Racks:

  • Install the rack on a clean level surface
  • Use cinder blocks or paving stones as bases on each end
  • Use the included rack cover to keep rain and snow off your wood
  • We recommend the optional full cover for kiln dried wood.
  • Invest a few minutes to insure proper install for years of trouble free service.
8 Foot Rack

Woodhaven Builds Only Quality American-Made Firewood Racks

Woodhaven name is the most respected brand name, known for superior quality and innovation. Their racks are made to be top quality. They designed their racks to look great so that people would not be embarrassed by a ugly pile of firewood on their patio or porch. Most of all, they know the importance of promoting airflow and curing of the firewood so that fires are be easier to start, produce more heat and less smoke.

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